The View from my Phone: Week 33

Posted on August 20, 2012 and tagged Art & Photography

Moving day is getting closer and I'm so excited I basically haven't slept in weeks. My brain is contantly thinking of space, stairs, backyard, bike rides, new furniture, privacy and my own office! Packing began this week and I'm very glad we don't have a ton of stuff. I'm hoping for an easy move and getting settled in ASAP. Also, I'm probably way too excited to see how the kitties react. They've never had more than 600 sq ft. to roam in their whole lives, and they certainly have never seen things like stairs and squirrels! Bah! Excuse me while I run around the block a few times to work off this excitement!

And even though you're probs sick of hearing me say this, I'm putting up a post about my painting tomorrow! For realsies this time.

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