The View from my Phone: Week 32

Posted on August 14, 2012 and tagged Art & Photography

Remember what I said last week about having a new DIY post for you? Well... about that... I may have kind of packed up all my craft supplies already. But I promise I will finish my painting this week and show you all the photos of it's progression. We move into our new house in just 2 short weeks, and I already have a lot of fun posts planned about decorating. I maaay (hopefully) have got my hands on a beautiful vintage teak dining room table. And for a great price too! Just waiting to hear back from the seller. Fingers crossed!

Also, did you notice the new kitty up there? Nope, we didn't get a third one. He's just a neighbourhood kitty I was saying hello to the other day. I nicknamed him 'Bill' and let him chew on my phone a little. He was very sweet.

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