Maxi Skirt Love

Posted on March 23, 2012 and tagged Stuff I Like with comments

It usually takes me a while to jump on board with most trends. It took me years to finally buy a pair of skinny jeans. But maxi skirts are a trend I just can't pass up. I especially love the ones made of sheer chiffon with a shorter liner underneath. So pretty! Maxi skirts are so easy to wear for many body types and marries comfort with style. They're basically the stylish alternative to track pants. Just pair with flat sandles and a plain white tee for summer.

Left Side:

  1. Printed Woven Maxi Skirt
  2. Beverly Pleated Midi Skirt
  3. Black Split Chiffon Maxi

Right Side:

  1. Atlantic Blues Chiffon Maxi
  2. Tie Dye Maxi
  3. Long Skirt with Pockets

Little Miss Fancy Pants

Posted on March 7, 2012 and tagged Stuff I Like, Favourites with comments

A big trend for spring/summer this year is going to be colored denim, the brighter the better. I can't even tell you how much I want a pair of fuscia or red pants! I've put together 3 looks using the Rock Star Colored Skinny Jean from Old Navy to show you how you can wear this trend and make it your own.

If you're worried about standing out too much in bright jeans, just keep it monochromitic with neutral colors like white, cream, and gold.

  1. Rock Star Jean
  2. Embroidered Gauze Top
  3. Studded Cuff Bracelet
  4. Riley Tote
  5. Born Brilliant Flat

This time I stepped it up by added a second color with the navy striped top and the aqua shoes. Keep it from looking like you're a teenager with adult accessories like the brown satchel and watch.

  1. Rock Star Jean
  2. Off-Shoulder Chiffon Blouse
  3. The Bands of Time Watch
  4. Aruba Blue Chuck Taylor
  5. Upwardly Moblie Satchel

You can easily dress up bright jeans with a little black and some metallic accents. Hope this has given you some ideas on how to wear your new jeans, there are a million possibilites so just have fun with it.

  1. Rock Star Jean
  2. Upstaged Tee
  3. Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Ultragirl VII Flats
  4. Fan the Breeze Bracelet
  5. Boxcar Bag

Dressed to Impress

Posted on February 29, 2012 and tagged Stuff I Like with comments

When I worked in an office I never wanted to spend money on clothes. I wouldn't buy clothes for work because I hated my job and I wouldn't buy casual clothes because I could only wear them on the weekends! I always thought that when I finally quit my job and didn't have to work in a stuffy office all day long, I would finally be able to build a wardrobe that was all my style that I could actually wear everyday.

Well now I'm in a bit of a catch-22 situation. I don't have that corporate paycheck coming in so I can't afford to buy many new clothes! I have to make each purchase count and dresses are great for that. You only have to buy one piece and you've got a whole new outfit! Accessorize it with stuff you already own and look at you... don't you look nice!

If I had the choice (and lived in the right climate) I would wear a dress every single freakin day of my life. I think they're so comfy and you barely have to think at all when you get dressed in the morning. I picked out a couple dresses that I could see myself wearing 24/7 when it gets warmer. Oh, and two of them are under $50 so I think even I can deal with that!

  1. Printed Tie Waist Dress
  2. Shell from the Storm Dress
  3. Yonina Mini Dress
  4. Stripe Me Down Dress

Pastel Party

Posted on February 27, 2012 and tagged Stuff I Like with comments

I've been seeing a ton of pastel colors around lately. Pastels are so lady-like and pretty, it's easy to see why these subtle shades are gaining popularity. I'm in LOVE with my mint green and light pink nail polish here.

Here are some items I picked out that will add some pastel to your wardrobe. You can find the sources at the bottom of the post.

Don't forget your home! Adding pastel items or even painting something you own already a pretty pastel shade can add an airy vintage feel to your home.

Pretty in Pastel:

  1. Blurred Blooms Blouse
  2. Graceful Days Dress
  3. Miami Amor Top
  4. Sherbet Seersucker Bikini
  5. Pastel Palette Pumps
  6. Versailles Manor Dress
  7. Bonne Macaron Belt

Pastel Palace:

  1. Princess Phone
  2. Mystic Water Flower Vase
  3. Flamenco Shower Curtain
  4. Budding Roses Journal
  5. Tea and Toast Butter Dish
  6. Royal Eloquence Tea Set
  7. Olmo Chair
  8. Catalina Bedding

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