Watercolor Gift Tags

Posted on February 22, 2012 and tagged DIY with comments

I put together a simple DIY project with beautiful results. I've always been a big fan of watercolors.

They're so versatile and easy to use. They give this project the dreamy, soft quality I was looking for.

I painted in 3 different color schemes; rainbow colors for one set, some warm colors and then then some cool colors. Choose colors that go with the gift wrap you have on hand or suit them to a particular holiday. Shades of red and green for Christmas, or lovely pastels for Easter.

Supplies you'll need:

  • watercolor paper, any size
  • small watercolor paint brush
  • set of watercolor paints
  • glass of water
  • lots of paper towels

Step 1
Get your paper, paints, paint brush, water and paper towels all ready in front of you. It doesn't matter what size of watercolor paper you use since you'll be cutting it into gift tag sizes anyways. My paper was 9" by 12" so my gift tags ended up being 3" wide and 1.5" tall. It also doesn't matter what kind of watercolor paints you use. I have the cheapest little palette I could find, I think it's actually meant for kids! As long as you have the primary colors, black and brown, it will be more than enough for most projects.

Step 2
Cut your paper into long strips. The size of these strips will depend on the size of the paper you chose. Like I said, my paper was 9" wide so I cut it into thirds that were 3". This will be the width of your tag.

Step 3
Now the fun part! I wanted rainbow tags, so I went with a classic ROY G. BIV color scheme. Grab a little of your first color and start mixing it with a bit of water in your lid or on a plate. Being light and watery is what watercolors do best, so don't just use the paint straight out of the palette. You can always add more color, but you can't take it away.

Step 4
Start painting onto the paper towel underneath your paper so the paint doesn't pool at the top of the page. Paint in one long, continuous motion all the way down the paper ending on the paper towel again. If the color is too light for you, carefully go over the stripe again before the paint dries. Do this again for all your colors.

Step 5
Once the paint dries completely (shouldn't take long), cut the strip of paper into gift tag sizes. Since my paper was 12" long, I made 8 tags per strip by cutting at 1.5".

And there you have it! Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus! Here's a little stop-motion video I made while I was painting my tags. Hope you like it!

Watercolor Gift Tags Stop Motion from Sara Funduk on Vimeo.

Color Block Nail Tutorial

Posted on February 20, 2012 and tagged DIY with comments

This has to be my favorite color combo I've done on my nails ever. And it's all thanks to this photo I saw on a Design Sponge Sneak Peek.

I've put together this short little how-to for you! I hope you like it!

Stuff you'll need:

  • 2 colors of nail polish
  • painter's tape
  • top coat

FYI, I used Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow and Essie's Mod Square. It took me a really long time to find this color combo since yellow and pink are sort of a weird pair, but this technique looks great with basically any combo. Pick two different shades of pink for a more subtle look.

Step 1 Paint your nails with the first color. It's best to use the lighter color first since the darker one will cover it easier. Also, please excuse those cuticles. They need professional help.

Step 2 Let it dry completely. I'm bad at waiting, so I made a cocktail!

Step 3 Cut strips of painter's tape and place it diagonally accross your nail. You should only do one nail at a time. Some people use regular clear tape for this kind of thing, but I find it breaks a lot on me.

Step 4 Paint over the end of your nail with the second color and peel the tape off right away in one quick motion. Don't let it dry before taking the tape off, this is why you should do one nail at a time.

Step 5 Let your one hand dry before tackling the other. Then, apply a generous top coat to protect your hard work.

Thank You Freebie

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Hey there! I made this free printable thank you card just for you! Click on the image to download a printable high resolution PDF. You can use the polka dot pattern for the reverse side of the card or print it on a seperate sheet of paper and use it as an envelope liner.

Here's what you'll get:

  • One 8.5"x11" PDF with 2 thank you cards (each card measures 5.5"x4.25")
  • One 8.5"x11" PDF with the polka dot pattern

Please let me know if you like this freebie! Want more? Tell me!

Wedding Collection Samples

Posted on February 9, 2012 and tagged DIY with comments

Printing Instructions and Tips

I recommend printing this test page on the printer you plan to use with the paper you plan to use.


  • the colours may not look as you expect them to
  • the size of the font/images/invite itself may not be what you expect
  • gives you practice cutting along the crop marks
  • the printer may not accept the paper you want to use
  • if you run into any problems, you can make adjustments to your plan before you commit to the invite

Make sure your printer settings are set to the maximum quality, correct paper size and weight.

  • depending on your printer you may find it cuts off a little of the crop marks, as long as you can see a bit of them, you'll be fine
  • if the printer cuts off a whole crop mark or part of the design, set your printer to print "borderless" so it prints right to the edge

Once the sample is printed cut along the crop marks. I recommend cutting along the centre one first. This is the line the separates the invite from the RSVP card, they share an edge. When you purchase your actual invite set, there will be 2 invites on one page and 2 RSVP cards on a different page. This will make cutting and assembly even faster and easier.

FAQ's about Printing Samples:
Q: Why does it look so weird?
A: The sample is just that; a sample of the artwork that will appear on your invite. It's there to give you an idea of size and color so you can make sure the design is perfect before you commit to your purchase. I chop up the design and artwork a bit so people can't use it for other things.

Q: Why does it look like the design runs over the edge of the invite?
A: Some designs do run over the edge of the invite. I do this so when you cut your invites, the color will go right to the edge and you don't have to be 100% accurate with your cuts.

Q: I love the invite and the sample was great, there's just one thing I want to change!
A: Just contact me at sara[at]mrhandsomeface[dot]com, I would be happy to help!

You will need adobe acrobat reader to open this PDF. If you don't have it, get it for free here.

Click on the picture of the invite set to download the sample PDF.

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