My hair is pink!

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Well... mostly! I was too chicken to go for a full head of pink. I'm jealous of girls who can pull it off, though. I think I'm just way too shy to stand out like that. I hate attention, which is weird that I have a blog, so I was too afraid people would look at my hair. Or worse...ask me about it!! I know, I'm a freak.

I was terrified putting bleach in my hair, but I'm in love with how it turned out. First, I separated the hair I wanted to dye and pulled the rest of it tight on top of my head with many elastics and pins. Then came the scary part, the bleach! I used Manic Panic Flash Lightning Bleach Kit and left it on for almost an hour. The box said you could need anywhere between 20 minutes and 120 minutes, so I just kept doing a strand check to see when it was ready. Even though I left it on that long, I still didn't get my hair all 'lemon yellow' like they describe in the instructions. Probably cause I've dyed my hair about a million times and it's hard to bleach out years of dye.

Once the bleaching was done, I let my hair dry and went straight into the pink. I used Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink The instructions said to leave the color on for 30 minutes, but numerous people online said it's best to leave it in as long as you can. The dye doesn't harm your hair, so there's no reason you can't leave it in longer. I wrapped my head in plastic wrap, you can see the lovely photo here, and left the pink in for about 3 hours. This turned out to be not quite enough and the next day I did it again for another 3 hours.

Now like any bright color, it will fade pretty fast. Especially since I wash my hair every day and I'm not interested in changing that. But as it fades, it's turning into this lovely pinky-peach color which I think looks pretty too!

And now for your viewing pleasure, here's a photo of a weird upside down girl! Oh wait, that's me...

DIY Wall Art: Dreamy Letters

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Wall art featuring a special quote or song lyrics is a great DIY project. The words can be very personal like a line from your wedding song or just for fun like what I've done here.

In this DIY project, I'll show you how to make these dreamy watercolor letters to spell out anything you like.

Here are the supplies you'll need:

  • large canvas board like this
  • watercolor paints
  • large flat watercolor paint brush
  • watercolor paper
  • alphabet stencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • water and paper towels

Think about the length of the quote when buying the canvas board and stencil. Otherwise, you might end up with not enough room on the board.

First, decide on a color scheme. It's best to go with 2 or 3 colors at the most that will blend into each other well. I went with some pretty sunset colors: orange, red and purple. Load the bursh up with your first color using lots of water, but not so much that it's dripping wet, and begin painting across the paper.

Add a second color starting on top of the first one to blend it in. Don't aim to cover the whole page with solid paint. It looks nice when there's a little bit of white space and places with less paint. Just have fun blending the colors into sunset-y goodness!

Now just wait for it to dry and flip it over to stencil your quote. Since you're using the backside of the paper, that means you need to make the letters backwards too! This may seem obvious to most of you, but my first attempt at this project left me with a bunch of backwards letters. Duh! As you can see, I had to paint 2 sheets of watercolor paper to fit all my letters.

Next, cut out the letters. You might need to use a utility knife for some parts. Arrange the letters on the canvas board to get the layout right before you start gluing. Once you're happy with how it looks, glue it down to the board. Be careful not to get any glue on your fingers because the paint will smudge.

I think this is a great way to fill a large space for little money and when you choose the quote, it will always mean something special to you.

You're One of a Kind

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I just came from the One of a Kind spring show here in Toronto. If you're not already planning on it, you should definitely check it out this weekend. The Direct Energy Centre was absolutely packed with 450 Canada artisans and designers. It's so fun to be able to chat with the person who actually made what you're about to buy! It makes that piece all the more special.

It was really hard to chose, but here are my favorite booths from the show. This is just a sampling though, there were so many amazing and beautiful artists, you should really go check it out yourself!

She Smiled and Ran

In a sea of jewellery designers, She Smiled and Ran managed to stand out with clean and contemporary pieces. By combining traditional materials like pearls with something more unexpected like acrylic, the designs strike the perfect balance between classic and modern.


This booth has a small collection of beautifully simple tote bags, purses, and textiles for sale. It doesn't matter that the booth is small because each and every piece is a winner. All of the designs are handprinted with natural dyes and the care that is put into each piece is evident. I loved everything so much, I bought myself a new purse!

Avril Loreti

Bright colors and modern geometric patterns will lure you in this booth, and the quality of each piece with have you reaching for your wallet! The Watercolor Pillow is one of my favourites (obviously), as well as the Paint Chip Table Runners. What a unique take on the paint chip trend!

tealish fine teas

I'm always on the hunt for yummy new teas, so I was excited to come across this booth. There are a wide variety of unique flavours with great packaging to boot. I think I need to pick up a tin of Stress Buster.


I love a good silkscreened tee, and the ones at the Paste booth are really interesting. The shirts are enzyme-washed to give them a soft feel and to reduce shrinkage. I'm sure any of these could feel like your favourite comfy tee in minutes. My favourite, for obvious reasons, is Band Cat. But seriously, add a kitty to anything and I'll love it.

DIY: Mini Watercolor Paintings

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Have you ever wanted to paint something for your own house, but got intimidated by the canvas? Do you look at that big expanse of white and wonder how you'll fill that thing? Well, if you're a wannabe artist like me, all you need to do is scale down to get great results. Mini paintings are quick and easy to tackle and they let you practice your skills with a certain medium.

Watercolors are one of my favorite mediums to work with because they're so easy to use, they're affordable and you can get some great effects.

I guess this isn't really a step-by-step DIY, I just want to encourage you to experiment with the paints. I'll show you what I did to get you started! Here are the supplies you'll need.


  • watercolor paints (just a cheap palette will do)
  • big fat watercolor paint brush
  • watercolor paper cut into small rectangles
  • lots of paper towels
  • water

Here, I used a wet-in-wet techinique, which means exactly what you think it means. Another color is dropped into an already wet surface. I started with some watered down red, and before it dried I dropped some purple right into the centre.

Next I took a pretty strong blue, with just a bit of water added, and basically slapped the brush onto the paper to get the splatter effect. Yep, slapping the paper with your brush... that's a pro tip for sure. Is this a real technique? Probably not. Do I care? No.

Got a little slap-happy with this one too, but I really started to like the splattery look I was getting.

Here, I added a little purple paint that I added a good amount of water to. Then, I used my fingers to flick paint at the paper. The more water you add, the easier it will be to flick the paint around. More pro tips... are you writing this down??

I used the same wet-on-wet technique with this one, but with different colors.

The point of this project is just to have fun and play around with the paint. Since they're just mini paintings, if you make something terrible just toss it and move on! And believe me, they won't all be keepers. I made about 10 mini paintings and only ended up keeping 4 of them.

Display your tiny works of art using mini clothes pins like me, or frame them all and hang them together. I hope this project took some of the intimidation out of making your own art. It can be really satisfying to hang your own art in your home. Tell me, are there any DIY art projects in your home that you're particularly proud of?

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