Organize Your Noms

Posted on April 18, 2012 and tagged DIY, Favourites with comments

So it's been about 2 months since my husband and I have decided to go vegan. I won't get into the 'why' right now, but I will say that it's been going great. I feel very focused, I have more energy and I feel refuled after meals instead of sluggish. I needed to completely change the way I cook though, and that means discarding basically every recipe in my repitoire.

I have found the Internet (obs) to be a great resource for new recipes. My favourite sites, just to name a few, are:

Here's the tie-in you've been waiting for: I designed some printable recipe cards to keep all my new recipes organized. And you can have them too! Click here to download the free printable PDF. Just print, cut along the crop marks, and start writing. The size of the cards are 5" x 3".

You guys know how I love Sharpies right? Well I grabbed my Sharpie and went a little nuts on this box. Also, I guess I forgot how big recipe cards are and bought a GIANT BOX. I don't know what I was thinking.

But it actually turned out to be a good idea. I used some cardboard to section off the back of the box and now I have a place for a notebook, pen, my Sharpie, and magazine clippings.

I think I had a little too much fun decorating this box, but it was a steal for $1 at the Dollar Store.

I used an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie and drew diagonal lines down the sides. Then, I made a variation of a cross hatch pattern on the lid using short diagonal lines in alternating directions. Lastly, I finised off the lid by drawing triangles around the edges using a Fine Point Sharpie. Don't worry about getting super straight lines, I like the hand-drawn look.

Hope you enjoy the recipe cards! If you like printables, click here for a free thank you card I designed in February. Do you have any ideas for my next free printable?

Still Crosshatch Crazy

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Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I've always loved Friday the 13th, since I was born on the 13th and it's very exciting for me when my birthday lands on a Friday. Some people get very grumpy over Friday the 13th, but it's all in how you look at it. I always felt like everyone focuses on the bad on this day and I'm one of the few who looks for good things. So I always felt like Friday the 13th was a day where bad things happened to everyone but me, and it was my special day. How's that for schadenfreude?

Hey, remember that time I was crazy for crosshatch? Well, I'm still crazy. (In more ways than one.) The day after I published that post, I found an awesome orange ultra fine point Sharpie on the ground! I don't normally pick up things I find in the street, but this was special. So here's another card I made with my like-new street pen! Have a great weekend everyone. Come back tomorrow for an adorable Caturday.

DIY Anxiety

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I've got DIY anxiety! Ever since the terrible Ikea coffee table incident I fear that I've lost my knack for the bigger projects. But this painted-furniture-leg trend has me itching to try it myself. I desperately want to paint my sofa legs! There's tons of great inspiration on the internet that make it look so pretty and easy.

I'm bascially 90% sure I'm going to try this on my couch now, and I'm thinking either a bright yellow or blue. There's not a lot of color in our lives right now, since our walls are boring rental-white. Btw, we live in a teensy apartment. Basically in Toronto you have 2 choices: brand new shoe-box condo or large decrepit dump. That's my my experience at least. So that means that if the sofa is out of commission for a few days, we literally have nowhere else to sit. Did someone say... pillow fort??

While I'm on the subject of our apartment, have I mentioned that we're buying our first house this year? We'll probably start looking around August if all goes according to plan. I'm so pumped about this. I can't wait until we don't share walls with anyone and have a little more space to spread out. It's going to be great to have more than one room! It gets a little tedious eating, relaxing, working and doing bascially everything all in the same little space. First world problems, right? But seriously, I'm so proud of us for being able to save up our down payment so quickly. Once it was decided that we were ready to buy, we completely changed our spending habits. Now all we spend money on is the fixed expenses and groceries. No entertainment, no shopping, no eating out, no cable and no Metro passes. Well, we stick to this for the most part. We still rent movies sometimes, and ordered vegan pizza once. No eating out and walking everywhere has had a nice side-effect on our waistlines too!

This might seem really strict and boring to you but if you really want something, you'll make the sacrifices. How about you? Are you saving up for something special right now? Finding it difficult to keep your eye on the prize? Should I paint my sofa legs? (Wow, this post got completely off track!)

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Easter Party Nail Art

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Hello everyone! Here's some special nail art for you today, I call it Easter Party! But it's so colorful and cute it would be suitable for any party, Easter or otherwise! There's a party on your nails and everyone's invited! ...Sorry, I'll never talk like that again.

Isn't this a nerdy picture? Oh hi, I'm just resting my hand on these plastic eggs. A totally natural and normal thing to do. But I included it in the post because you can see the dots really well on my thumb.

I started out with a couple coats of a pearly white polish. Next I added yellow, pastel blue, pink and mint green dots. A toothpick dipped in nail polish works great to get the polka dots. I found it was easier to start with one color and randomly place dots on all my nails, then move on the next color, filling in the gaps as I went.

Here's a list of nail polish colors I used:

  • Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Fog
  • Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Air
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet (my most favorite color ever!)
  • Essie Mod Square

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