DIY: Confetti Card

Posted on January 16, 2013 and tagged DIY with comments

It feels like it's been forEVER since I've done a little crafty DIY post, and I guess it has. I had a lot of fun making this confetti card. It's great to have cards like this laying around that you can use for just about anything. Leave the centre blank until you need it then just write (or stamp) in your own little message.


  • blank greeting card
  • thick cardstock for stencil
  • scissors
  • acrylic paints (any colours you want)
  • new pencils with erasers for stamping

1// Cut out a circle from your cardstock. I traced a roll of tape to get it perfect.

2// Tape the circle to the centre of a blank card using painters tape. Also, tape off the edge of the card so you don't get any paint on the back.

3// Start stamping with the eraser ends of the pencils. I used a different pencil for each colour so they didn't get muddy.

4// Concentrate more of the dots towards the circle and less near the edges of the card.

Now just wait for everything to dry, which won't take long, and peel off the stencil and the tape. The card is ready for your message in the centre, so say anything you want!

Free Printable: Watercolour Thanksgiving Placecards

Posted on November 14, 2012 and tagged Freebies, DIY with comments

Canadian Thanksgiving was a while ago, but I completely forgot to do anything crafty for it. Luckily American Thanksgiving has given me a second chance to put together a little printable I've been planning.

Download the Printable Placecard

I painted these placecards with watercolours first then scanned it it, so it's basically the real deal! If you have paints of your own, you could also paint this design yourself since it's pretty simple.

The download is a printable PDF with 2 placecards per page, so just print as many you need, cut along the faint grey lines and fold them in half. If your printer can't handle thick paper (like mine, frown) then just print on regular paper and glue it to some cardstock.

I hope these placecards will add a little artsy style to your Thanksgiving table this year!!

Free Printable: Halloween Tags

Posted on October 29, 2012 and tagged DIY, Freebies with comments

Do you need a last minute Halloween decor DIY? Well you're in luck cause I'm a last minute kind of person too and I just made these cute little Halloween gift tags for you! Print them off and stick 'em on treat bags and you'll look like you've had this planned for weeks. There are two designs to choose from so take one or take them both.

My printer is wimpy and can't handle cardstock, so I printed them on regular paper, glued the whole sheet to a sheet of cardstock and then cut them out. If your printer can handle thicker paper... well, I'm jealous of you.

Download the printables: Haunted House // Spider Web

DIY: Fall Wreath

Posted on September 19, 2012 and tagged DIY, Favourites with comments

My neighbours think they're living next to freakin' Martha Stewart now. I see them walking by looking at my new wreath with envy. Or maybe they're just weirded out that I'm camped out on my front lawn staring at it. Totally just kidding of course... or am I?

This is a really fun, easy project to get your front door looking a little more fall-like. The cost can basically be whatever your budget is. Expensive silk flowers from a craft store look beautiful and real and they'll stand up to the elements, but dollar store flowers are so much cheaper. I went with a mix of both for mine. I'm really happy with how it turned out and it looks so much nicer than anything I've found the stores, most of which were covered in glitter and had some sort of neon skull glued to it. Shudder.

Gather your supplies:

  • floral foam wreath form (mine was 14")
  • silk flowers, like a million of them (buy more than you think you'll need and return the un-used ones)
  • glue gun
  • wire cutters
  • something with which to hang your wreath (I used a big ribbon)

My first step (and this is optional for you) was to tie a wide black ribbon to the top of my wreath. I used this ribbon to hang my wreath by pulling it over the top of my door and tying it to the window treatment on the other side. You could also hammer a little nail at the top of your door on the inside and tie it to that. I like this much better than those store bought wreath hangers because it doesn't get in the way when you close the door.

After that, it's really as easy as it looks. Cut the heads off the flowers leaving about a 1/2 inch of stem and get gluing! I used a pencil to poke little holes into the foam to make it easier to stick the stems into the foam. The combination of hot glue and pushing the stem into the foam will ensure those flowers are going nowhere. Don't waste your time covering the back, nobody sees that anyways.

A note on colours: To give it a more modern look, I used a combo of "clashing" colours like bright pink, red, orange and purple. It's nice variation on the classic fall colours.

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