Caturday: Belly Rub

Posted on April 14, 2012 and tagged Art & Photography, Personal with comments

Marshall wants a belly rub, and who are you to say no to that face?

Here are some things I found on the Internet this week that I thought you might like:

  • Before I know it, every piece of furniture I own is going to have colorful legs.

  • I could basically buy everything in this shop right now. You can never have too many office supplies right? Heads up: All my invoices will be covered in stickers and tape from now on.

  • I told my husband that I wanted this bike in yellow and he laughed at me! Can you believe that? I told him that I wouldn't carry anything for him in my little bike basket if he was going to act like that. He didn't seem to mind. Guys are so weird.

  • Lastly, the Theatre Clouds Etsy shop is blowing my mind. Her work is so beautiful and the prices are fantastic. There's really no reason not to buy a couple prints.

Have a great weekend everyone! Now, go give someone a belly rub.

The View from my Phone: Week 14

Posted on April 8, 2012 and tagged Art & Photography with comments

I mentioned before about how I get embarassed taking photos of random things on the street, and I said I was almost over my irrational fear of photography. But I wasn't totally over it until this week.

Whenever I take out my phone to snap a photo in public, people always act strange. They look worried that they're going to be in the picture, or mumble something to their friend like "Why is that weird girl taking a picture of a squirrel?" Or even worse, "She must be a tourist." Ack! Well the self-consiousness I felt before is now totally gone.

A few days ago I took my camera out to take a photo of the construction site you can see below and some woman gave me the strangest look. What, like you never take pictures of empty construction sites? I felt really self-conscious and weird, but when I put my camera away and looked down the street at her, she was digging a huge wedgie out of her butt crack with both hands. Suddenly, I didn't feel like I was the weirdest person on the street. Thanks lady! You finally helped me overcome my totally irrational fear of taking photos in public!

Caturday: Easter Kitties

Posted on April 7, 2012 and tagged Art & Photography, Personal with comments

Barney and Marshall don't know what Easter is, but they do love playing with plastic eggs and sitting in baskets, so it's fine by them!

I've been lazy this weekend, so I only have one link for you today, but it's all you need. I made these healthy baked onion rings a couple days ago and they were a huge hit!

Have a great weekend everyone.

The View from my Phone: Week 13

Posted on April 1, 2012 and tagged Art & Photography with comments

What the what? How is it April already? This past week I went to the One of a Kind Show. You can read about my top picks from the show here. I also dyed the underside of my hair pink! I was so worried it would turn out terrible and I'd have to sneak out at midnight to buy brown hair dye while wearing a hat. Not that I've done that before... Well maybe once. But that didn't happen! It turned out awesome and I'll have post about it this week. I can't even believe I'm posting this picture, but down there you'll see a photo of me with plastic wrap on my head waiting for the dye to set in.

Well I hope everyone has a great start to their April this week! I'm getting excited for spring. On a related note, why is patio furniture so darn expensive? We have this enormous patio now and it's totally empty. I have a feeling I'll be making a trip to Ikea soon. Hey, at least it'll match the rest of our furniture!

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