Suit Yourself: Blox Dining Table 2

Posted on May 25, 2012 and tagged Stuff I Like

I really meant to get to this earlier in the week but, no big deal or anything, we bought a house so I've been busy. The house is already decorated in very nice neutrals, so there's no need to bust in there on the first day with paint buckets. But anyone who knows me knows I'm not neutral, so I've already come up with a long list of projects to get started on.

I'm getting quite fixated on the dining room, probably because I've never really had one before. Right now we live in one room, so the living room is in the kitchen and the kitchen is in the dining room and the dining room is in the living room. Does that make sense? Basically, my 'dining room' is a tiny table and 2 chairs parked right behind the couch.

Last week, I showed you my first look with the Blox dining table. You can see this week, it looks like a totally different room. I went a little more subtle with lots of greys and browns, but too subtle is boring so I added a shiny yellow pendant light. Enjoy!

I love those vintage camera prints so much I think I might actually order a few of them. A photo of a camera, how meta!


  1. Lattic Rug
  2. FlowerPot Pendant Light
  3. Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Shakers
  4. Blox Dining Table
  5. Joe Chair
  6. Japanese Enamel Kettle
  7. Flexaret Vintage Camera Print
  8. Fujica Vintage Camera Print
  9. Paxette Vintage Camera Print

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