Still Crosshatch Crazy

Posted on April 13, 2012 and tagged DIY

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I've always loved Friday the 13th, since I was born on the 13th and it's very exciting for me when my birthday lands on a Friday. Some people get very grumpy over Friday the 13th, but it's all in how you look at it. I always felt like everyone focuses on the bad on this day and I'm one of the few who looks for good things. So I always felt like Friday the 13th was a day where bad things happened to everyone but me, and it was my special day. How's that for schadenfreude?

Hey, remember that time I was crazy for crosshatch? Well, I'm still crazy. (In more ways than one.) The day after I published that post, I found an awesome orange ultra fine point Sharpie on the ground! I don't normally pick up things I find in the street, but this was special. So here's another card I made with my like-new street pen! Have a great weekend everyone. Come back tomorrow for an adorable Caturday.

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