Pastel Party

Posted on February 27, 2012 and tagged Stuff I Like

I've been seeing a ton of pastel colors around lately. Pastels are so lady-like and pretty, it's easy to see why these subtle shades are gaining popularity. I'm in LOVE with my mint green and light pink nail polish here.

Here are some items I picked out that will add some pastel to your wardrobe. You can find the sources at the bottom of the post.

Don't forget your home! Adding pastel items or even painting something you own already a pretty pastel shade can add an airy vintage feel to your home.

Pretty in Pastel:

  1. Blurred Blooms Blouse
  2. Graceful Days Dress
  3. Miami Amor Top
  4. Sherbet Seersucker Bikini
  5. Pastel Palette Pumps
  6. Versailles Manor Dress
  7. Bonne Macaron Belt

Pastel Palace:

  1. Princess Phone
  2. Mystic Water Flower Vase
  3. Flamenco Shower Curtain
  4. Budding Roses Journal
  5. Tea and Toast Butter Dish
  6. Royal Eloquence Tea Set
  7. Olmo Chair
  8. Catalina Bedding

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