NYC 2011!

Posted on June 25, 2011 and tagged Art & Photography, Personal

I have many excuses for not blogging very much lately, but you don't want to hear that... you want to see my vacation pictures!! Right? Of course you do! Who doesn't love to see strangers' vacation photos?

A few weeks ago my husband and I took a quick 5 day trip to New York. We both have trouble with the concept of a "relaxing" vacation where you just lay on the beach or BBQ at the cottage. I mean, what else do you do? Is there wifi? We have issues clearly, so we both prefer a city vacation. We stayed with a colleague of my hubby's and his wife in their crazy beautiful apartment in NoHo. He had a couple meetings, I did a lot of shopping and we both did a ton of eating! It was a complete success!

We flew Porter Airlines for the first time too! It was great because the airport is literally a 10 minute drive form our apartment which made the whole process a breeze. And can I tell you, the nicest people work at Porter! You actually feel like a human being moving through the airport instead of part of a herd of cattle. Not to mention their adorable raccoon mascot!

Loving the bold artwork in this cafe. I would have bought this painting in heart beat if it hadn't been way too huge to fit in our luggage...and way out of my price range. Maybe I'll try to make something like it myself. Simple image, bold colors, lots of gloss. Probably sounds easier than it is. Might make a fun weekend project though! We had a great lunch at ilili and admired the cool design. Lots of mirrors!

I couldn't leave New York without seeing another Broadway show! This time it was Wicked. Did I mention I'm crazy for musicals? I had actually already seen Wicked when it came to Toronto last year but it was so awesome it called for another viewing. And I thought my husband might like it too. He's not normally into that sort of thing, but he actually really enjoyed Wicked! If you have any interest in The Wizard of Oz, then you'll appreciate the story. Oh and did I mention it's funny? SO funny! The photo on the left is when we first got to the theatre and I apparently turned into a ghost. I wish I was photogenic. I swear I'm not half mist in person!

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