Match It or Clash It: Jewelry

Posted on July 18, 2012 and tagged Stuff I Like

Ah, to match or to clash? Isn't that the age old question? Well maybe not, but it is fun. Matching, while a little safe, is sure to make you look put together. But if it's done right, adding a clashing item to your outfit can be very trendy and fun. Why not start with something easy like your jewelry? I've gathered up a few examples to get you started.

Purple dress, purple necklace right? I do this so often when shopping for an outfit and there's nothing wrong it, the purple looks great, but the coral one gives it a whole new look.


  1. Jade Jersey Dress - Aqua Pendant - Beaded Bracelet
  2. Zest Dress - Purple Statement Necklace - Coral Statement Necklace

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