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So it's only 54 days now until we get the keys to our new house. Not that I'm counting or anything! Moving to the new house also means leaving Toronto, which I have mixed feelings about. We've lived here for about 4 years now and it's definitely been a great experience. I thought I'd make a list of the things I'll miss about living here and the things I won't miss.

Five things I'll miss about Toronto:

  1. It's really pretty.
    The skyline is beautiful, it looks amazing lit up at night and there's never a shortage of interesting things to take photos of. I will definitely miss our amazing view. It's always the first thing people comment on when they walk into our apartment.

  2. Being so close to theatres and concerts.
    It's awesome being a local and going out to see a show. You can go on a random Wednesday night because it's a just short cab ride away. I could fill my calendar and empty my wallet with all the amazing theatre right in my backyard.

  3. Walkability.
    We don't own a car or a MetroPass, so walking is how we mostly get around. I love to walk! I love walking when the traffic is so heavy that you're going faster than the cars. It's free, good for you, and I don't have to worry about things like car repairs or parking.

  4. Shopping.
    You can find anything in Toronto. The shopping is amazing and I could go bankrupt easily. I'll miss you Anthropologie, West Elm, The Paper Place and Woolfits!

  5. Living on the water.
    I would never actually go in the lake, oh god no, but it's lovely to take a walk at the Harbourfront! It's fun to check out all the gorgeous yachts and watch the waves.

Five things I won't miss about Toronto:

  1. Teeny tiny living spaces and sky high rent.
    This is the number one reason we're moving. I guess it's the same issue with every big city and you're certainly paying a premium for reason, but when it comes to buying a place I just can't get over the thought of spending all that money for a tiny shoe box of an apartment with neighbours on every side.

  2. The noise.
    This didn't seem to bother us when we first moved, but after 4 years of never having a moment of silence I think I'm going a little crazy. We can constantly hear our neighbours, traffic, construction, screaming, dogs barking, horns honking and trains going by. I'm so looking forward to waking up to birds chirping instead of to a scuffle on the street.

  3. The crowds.
    There is just too many people everywhere you go. The little neighbourhood we live in now is pretty packed already, and construction is almost done on six new condo buildings all within 1 block of each other.

  4. Having to rely on public transit.
    When it's too far to walk, sometimes you're forced to take public transit. Anyone can imagine the terrible things that happen on a crowded streetcar in the middle of summer. I think this might be part of the reason I like walking so much.

  5. The crime.
    One night my husband woke up to gun shots right outside our bedroom window. I didn't wake up because I wear ear plugs at night for exactly that reason.

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