Gettin' Schooled

Posted on September 11, 2012 and tagged Personal, Art & Photography

I am beyond excited to finally have my own workspace. Before we moved into this house, I mostly worked at the kitchen table and on the couch. It was fine when I motivated to get things done, but when my work didn't come easily it was very frustrating. It got hard to distinguish between casually checking Twitter on the couch and ok-it's-time-to-get-shit-done. Even in the short time we've been here, I've noticed a huge difference. When I want to work I go into my office and get it done, when I don't want to work I'm not in my office. Seems so simple when you say it like that!

So now that I have all this space, I want to start painting big. I've dreamed so long of having an easel in the corner, so the other day when I saw that an art store in the area had easels on sale for 60% off, you better believe I ran out and grabbed one.

Around the same time, I heard about a new e-course called Re:Connect that Mati McDonough is running with a whole bunch of other talented people. The course is about getting your creativity unstuck and features tons of amazing guest contributors. It didn't take me long to sign up since I had such a great time taking Get Your Paint On.

Image via Willo Toons

I also noticed that one of the guest contributors was Flora Bowley. I've been a fan of her colourful, layered work for quite some and when I saw that she has an e-course too, I instantly clicked the sign-up button. I love her style so much and I've often wondered what exactly goes into all those layers. The two courses overlap, so I'm sure I'll be kept busy over the next 5-6 weeks, but I'm really looking forward to both of them. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Image via Flora Bowley

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