Free Printable: Watercolour Thanksgiving Placecards

Posted on November 14, 2012 and tagged Freebies, DIY

Canadian Thanksgiving was a while ago, but I completely forgot to do anything crafty for it. Luckily American Thanksgiving has given me a second chance to put together a little printable I've been planning.

Download the Printable Placecard

I painted these placecards with watercolours first then scanned it it, so it's basically the real deal! If you have paints of your own, you could also paint this design yourself since it's pretty simple.

The download is a printable PDF with 2 placecards per page, so just print as many you need, cut along the faint grey lines and fold them in half. If your printer can't handle thick paper (like mine, frown) then just print on regular paper and glue it to some cardstock.

I hope these placecards will add a little artsy style to your Thanksgiving table this year!!

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