Etsy Ceramics

Posted on July 26, 2011 and tagged Stuff I Like

I have it bad for ceramics. What? Is that weird? I just can't resist a pretty vase! Today's lovely finds are brought you by Esty.

Stripes? Polka dots? In rainbow colors?? I'll take 10. (zombie walks over to wallet)

By Owl Creek Ceramics.

Oh wow. This is when I fantasize about being a talented home maker and cooking up a gorgeous meal using these bowls. Oh everyone will be so impressed! I can dream can't I? I guess first I need to learn how to cook. Then the bowls.

By Utile Mud

These vases combine ceramics with another one of my obsessions: dip dye!

By Suite One Studio

Oh for crying out loud, would you look at this little guy! I would buy this right now if I didn't know for sure it would become a cat toy. Seriously, doesn't matter how high up I hide this thing one of them will find it.

By Lammie.

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