Etsy Banners and Graphics

Posted on January 12, 2012

I'm doing something new! I've started to sell Etsy Shop Graphics Kits. It all started because I was browsing around on Etsy and noticed shops that were selling graphics kits for other sellers. Wow, I didn't even know this existed! What a great idea! Except there was one problem...they're all sooooo ugly. I even found some free ones outside of Etsy, but holy crap those were even worse. I really hate to put down someone else's work but seriously, where are all the Etsy banners for stylish, modern sellers?

I have about 6 different designs in my shop right now. They all include a banner, an avatar and a Reserved Listing graphic. And they are all so stylish that your buyers won't even notice them. They will just browse around your shop thinking "Gee, this Etsy shop is so professional and beautiful. I think I'll buy something!"

I really do think that a cohesive, modern shop look can take you from "hobbyist" to "professional". If you are serious about making money off your Etsy shop, you need to look good. So I'm talking to you. All you jewellery makers, sewers, knitters, soap makers, potters, quilters, vintage sellers, needlecrafters, carpenters, and paper crafters...make an impression on your buyers with a new look for your shop!

I also plan on adding some Deluxe Kits that have even more great graphics to help build your brand, so keep checking on the shop.

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