Embroidery: Part 1

Posted on May 7, 2012 and tagged DIY, Favourites

Embroidery is one of the first crafts I learned. Like most girls, my mom taught me and her mom taught her.

I've always found it very relaxing and fun even though I've had to deal with my friends laughing about how I'm a 26 year old granny! I think part of the problem is that there are very few modern embroidery patterns. Sure, there are definitely a few designers that are leading the way, but I thought I would offer up my designs for you too.

I've got 3 more designs planned, all within the same color family, that I will offer up on my blog as I finish them. So download this and collect them all. I've designed them so they'll look great hanging together.

Included with the PDF pattern, you will find color suggestions. I used a split stitch with 3 strands of floss for the whole design and I'm planning on using the same stitch for the other designs. A straight stitch, back stitch or stem stich would also work well. My fabric is a fairly heavy heather grey cotton with a bit of stretch. So click here to download the free pattern. Hope you enjoy!

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