Dressed to Impress

Posted on February 29, 2012 and tagged Stuff I Like

When I worked in an office I never wanted to spend money on clothes. I wouldn't buy clothes for work because I hated my job and I wouldn't buy casual clothes because I could only wear them on the weekends! I always thought that when I finally quit my job and didn't have to work in a stuffy office all day long, I would finally be able to build a wardrobe that was all my style that I could actually wear everyday.

Well now I'm in a bit of a catch-22 situation. I don't have that corporate paycheck coming in so I can't afford to buy many new clothes! I have to make each purchase count and dresses are great for that. You only have to buy one piece and you've got a whole new outfit! Accessorize it with stuff you already own and look at you... don't you look nice!

If I had the choice (and lived in the right climate) I would wear a dress every single freakin day of my life. I think they're so comfy and you barely have to think at all when you get dressed in the morning. I picked out a couple dresses that I could see myself wearing 24/7 when it gets warmer. Oh, and two of them are under $50 so I think even I can deal with that!

  1. Printed Tie Waist Dress
  2. Shell from the Storm Dress
  3. Yonina Mini Dress
  4. Stripe Me Down Dress

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