Dress Like a Flower

Posted on June 8, 2012 and tagged Stuff I Like

Wedding season is upon us and like most of you I've be searching the Internet for a new party dress or two. You can't be caught dead wearing the same dress to different weddings! Just kidding, I'm actually trying this year (as much as I can) to shop from my closet. But whether you're in the market for a brand new dress or just a couple accessories to brighten up an old one, why not take some fashion advice from nature!

This is the dress that started me on my quest to dress like a flower. The colours and the texture are so perfectly inspired by nature. You may also recognize this dress as one Amanda Seyfried wore during New York Fashion Week. Owning this gorgeous dress is a bit out of most people's price range at $2,100 but you can rent it from Rent the Runway for $275!

Dress- Nail Polish- Earrings

Pair this lovely lace number with a co-ordinating pink Diana. If you're into photography, a medium format camera can give you some interesting and unexpected photos that you won't get from digital.

Dress- Camera- Shoes

I know, this is a leaf not a flower. It still makes for great wardrobe inspiration. This leafy green dress would be great for an outdoor wedding and will look lovely in photos.

Dress- Earrings- Shoes

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