DIY Paper Flowers

Posted on May 11, 2012 and tagged DIY, Favourites

Paper flowers are a fun little craft to decorate gifts, table tops, wedding favors, or make a whole bouquet. You can also string them up to make a garland.

There are tons of ways to make paper flowers, but this is my version. I used a slight variation of these on top of my wedding favors.


  • tissue paper
  • yellow or orange cardstock
  • scissors
  • tape
  • pencil

  1. Cut a strip of tisse paper about 9" x 26" and fold it in half lengthwise.

  2. Draw a wavy line on the paper starting with big waves and gradually getting smaller and closer together.

  3. Cut a small strip of cardstock about 2.5" x 0.5".

  4. Make a series of small cuts into the paper that go almost to the bottom.

Fold the cardstock in half, then in half again and place it on the end of the tissue paper starting at the small waves. The small waves will be in the center of your flower.

Start scrunching the tisse paper around the cardstock stamen. Don't just roll it, scrunch. (That's the technical term.) It helps to have a kitty sit on one end, but it's not required.

Secure the paper with a bit of tape and trim off the excess on the end to make it look pretty.

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