DIY: Mini Watercolor Paintings

Posted on March 27, 2012 and tagged DIY, Favourites

Have you ever wanted to paint something for your own house, but got intimidated by the canvas? Do you look at that big expanse of white and wonder how you'll fill that thing? Well, if you're a wannabe artist like me, all you need to do is scale down to get great results. Mini paintings are quick and easy to tackle and they let you practice your skills with a certain medium.

Watercolors are one of my favorite mediums to work with because they're so easy to use, they're affordable and you can get some great effects.

I guess this isn't really a step-by-step DIY, I just want to encourage you to experiment with the paints. I'll show you what I did to get you started! Here are the supplies you'll need.


  • watercolor paints (just a cheap palette will do)
  • big fat watercolor paint brush
  • watercolor paper cut into small rectangles
  • lots of paper towels
  • water

Here, I used a wet-in-wet techinique, which means exactly what you think it means. Another color is dropped into an already wet surface. I started with some watered down red, and before it dried I dropped some purple right into the centre.

Next I took a pretty strong blue, with just a bit of water added, and basically slapped the brush onto the paper to get the splatter effect. Yep, slapping the paper with your brush... that's a pro tip for sure. Is this a real technique? Probably not. Do I care? No.

Got a little slap-happy with this one too, but I really started to like the splattery look I was getting.

Here, I added a little purple paint that I added a good amount of water to. Then, I used my fingers to flick paint at the paper. The more water you add, the easier it will be to flick the paint around. More pro tips... are you writing this down??

I used the same wet-on-wet technique with this one, but with different colors.

The point of this project is just to have fun and play around with the paint. Since they're just mini paintings, if you make something terrible just toss it and move on! And believe me, they won't all be keepers. I made about 10 mini paintings and only ended up keeping 4 of them.

Display your tiny works of art using mini clothes pins like me, or frame them all and hang them together. I hope this project took some of the intimidation out of making your own art. It can be really satisfying to hang your own art in your home. Tell me, are there any DIY art projects in your home that you're particularly proud of?

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