DIY Envelope Liners

Posted on May 4, 2012 and tagged DIY

This quick and easy DIY is great for adding a little personality to greeting cards. I love this idea for wedding invitations because it's such a low cost way to add something extra to your invites.

All it takes is a few minutes and couple supplies you probably already have on hand.

Here's what you'll need:

  • envelopes (duh)
  • plain writing paper
  • pencil crayons, markers, pens, etc.
  • scissors
  • glue

If you're not into drawing your own patterns, you could use wrapping paper or any other decorative paper provided that it's thin. Cardstock does not work well. You could also use your computer to design a pattern and print it off. I have a free printable polka dot pattern here.

First, draw your design on the paper. I did some chevron stripes and scribbles with little hearts. You could get the kids involved in this part too.

Next, lay the evelope on top of the paper and mark off the sides and bottom with a pencil. Cut just inside the lines so you get a piece of paper that fits very snug inside the envelope.

Now fold the envelope flap closed to crease the liner. Then, fold the liner down again just below the glue on the envelope and cut that part off. Next, draw a line from the edge of the envelope glue to the fold and cut the sides off. Now just glue the liner down. There's no need to put any glue inside the envelope, just above the fold. I actually prefer to use rubber cement for this, but I didn't have any left.

If the envelope has a pointy flap, the steps are very similar except cut the sides off starting at the point in the center.

Other ideas for patterns: Repeat a phrase or words across the paper, or polka dots!

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