Caturday: Belly Rub

Posted on April 14, 2012 and tagged Art & Photography, Personal

Marshall wants a belly rub, and who are you to say no to that face?

Here are some things I found on the Internet this week that I thought you might like:

  • Before I know it, every piece of furniture I own is going to have colorful legs.

  • I could basically buy everything in this shop right now. You can never have too many office supplies right? Heads up: All my invoices will be covered in stickers and tape from now on.

  • I told my husband that I wanted this bike in yellow and he laughed at me! Can you believe that? I told him that I wouldn't carry anything for him in my little bike basket if he was going to act like that. He didn't seem to mind. Guys are so weird.

  • Lastly, the Theatre Clouds Etsy shop is blowing my mind. Her work is so beautiful and the prices are fantastic. There's really no reason not to buy a couple prints.

Have a great weekend everyone! Now, go give someone a belly rub.

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