Brooch Bouquets

Posted on May 28, 2011 and tagged Stuff I Like

I need a brooch bouquet. Like I need one so bad I'm considering having a second wedding just so I can walk down the isle with one of these beauties! I swear, cool stuff like this did not exist when I got married! The best part is, they last forever. I held onto my wedding bouquet for much longer than was probably acceptable. I've seen people hang theirs upside down and they look great, but let me tell you mine did not look like that. It was crusty and brown and every time you even looked at it, another leaf would fall off. I eventually dismantled it, kept all the beads and feathers and threw away the rest. Think of how special it would be to have a couple of your mother's or grandmother's brooches in there too. Yep, that's it. I'm having a second wedding.

So pretty and colorful!! By Fantasy Floral.

This Blue Petyl gorgeousness looks like a million bucks!

I think this The Ritzy Rose bouquet might be one of my favourites.

And lastly, a crazy elegant vintage crystal bouquet by Noaki.

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