DIY: Braided Bracelet

Posted on March 16, 2012 and tagged DIY, Favourites

Here's a quick jewelry DIY for you on this beautiful March day! It's the middle of March in Canada and I have the patio door wide open, how crazy is that? Although, as soon as it gets above the freezing mark you'll see Canadians 'oot and aboot' in shorts!

Do you have any old bracelets laying around that are maybe just a bit too plain or boring? I know I do! My husband's grandmother gave me a bunch of her old jewelry around the time we got married and while I love most of it, some of the pieces are just not my style. Today's DIY will spruce up a plain bracelet in just a few steps.

It's best to use a bracelet that is a tiny bit too big on you because once it's braided it will be a little smaller. If you have twig wrists like me and can never find bracelets small enough, you'll love this project because it will make your bracelet fit you better.

Here are the supplies you'll need:

  • embroidery floss (4 colors)
  • plain bracelet
  • scissors

One other supply I used that is not pictured above is hair wax. It's optional and you'll see where it comes in later.

Start by attaching 3 colors of embroidery floss to the end of the bracelet. Each bracelet is different so just try to find a good spot to add your floss and tie a tight knot.

The length of my floss was about 2 times the length of the bracelet. This allowed me some extra on the ends to play with. Now just start braiding the 3 colors together. This quickly caught the attention of Marshall and turned into an adorable game of tug o' war!

When you're done the braid don't tie it off, just add a little piece of tape on the end to keep it in place.

Now cut 3 lengths of the fourth color into pieces 2-3 inches longer than the bracelet. Separate all the strands and add a couple strands of another color if you want. I used one of the pinks in the first braid.

This is where the hair wax came in. I rubbed a bit on my hands and started twisting the threads together to make them one string. The wax will help them stick together a bit better.

Just tie your newly made string onto the end of the bracelet and start braiding them all together. You'll need to twist the waxed one as you braid to keep the strands from separating. Find a spot to tie your embroidery floss on the end of the bracelet and you're done! Easy as pie!

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