In the End

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On Friday my family lost a very special person. He had been sick for many years, but for some reason I never actually thought this day would come. He always seemed invincible to me.

"I was just entering my teenage years when Mike came into my life. I'm sure I didn't make it easy on him, but he stepped into his role like he had always been there. He was everything a girl could need or want in a dad. He was my scary authority figure, protector, giver of huge bear hugs, teller of disgusting jokes and most of all he made me feel so loved. I'll never feel like I had enough time with him or learned enough from him, but I'm thankful for what I did have."

Image Source: Society6 print In the End

The View from my Phone: Week 48

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From top to bottom and left to right:

  • Been working on this painting off and on for a couple months, just added some new colours and a whale!
  • A snowy day.
  • This Casablanca poster was an odd departure from the Virgin Mary paintings that usually cover the hospital walls.
  • Out for a walk on a nice quiet and foggy night.
  • Best picture I've ever taken. I love nosy kitties.
  • I was trying to get this photo of the coffee we ordered from

December Freebie

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Oh November, you certainly have not been my favourite month but December is going to totally kick your butt. I also can't wait for the best holiday of the year... New Year's! You thought I was gonna say Christmas didn't you? Well I'm actually not that into Christmas. I don't hate it or anything, I just don't like the stress of feeling like you need to buy really awesome presents for everyone you know. New Year's, however, is awesome. You can get dressed up fancy and go to a party, or stay in your jammies and watch movies. So cheesy, but I like to think about the past year and all the good in my life and sometimes think about the bad and how I'm going to change that. I also enjoy making goals for the coming year and pumping myself up to get started on them. The new year always feels like a fresh start and never fails to get me all emotional. Not that getting me to tear up is all that difficult!

I had a really great response to my November Freebie last month so I absolutely had to do it again. Making a new background every month is proving to be great design exercise for me. Sometimes frustrating, but definitely satisfying. I hope ya like it!

There are now 4 sizes to choose from depending what kind of computer/lappy you have so there should be something for everyone's situation. Plus a pretty sweet (if I do say so myself) patterned iPhone background. Just click one of the buttons below to get the full size image. Then just save it and set it as your wallpaper.

Download the Backgrounds
1440 x 900 // 1366 x 768 // 1920 x 1080 // 2800 x 1880 // iPhone

The View from my Phone: Week 47

Posted on November 28, 2012 and tagged Art & Photography with comments

From top to bottom and left to right:

  • This is the chair I sat in for almost 11 hours waiting for my dad during his surgery.
  • A pensive, thoughtful kitty enjoying a foggy morning.
  • The first accumulation of snow! It was very pretty... I'm already sick of though. :P
  • Scored some awesome knitting supplies from my mom's basement, including a few issues of Stitchcraft from 1968! Not pictured: An issue of Vogue Knitting from 1985. It's hilarious.
  • More hospital waiting rooms! I practically live there now.
  • Late nights.

So this week has definitely not been my most favourite week ever, but I made it through (mostly) sane. I don't have a lot of time for blogging, or really anything, lately but I'm trying. I can promise you this, I'll have a new desktop and iPhone background for you to download just in time for December! Thanks for hanging in there readers, sometimes I wonder who you are. I wonder what kind of people like to read what I have to say. Well, I'm thankful to every one of you for stopping by!

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