The View from my Phone: Week 4

Posted on February 8, 2012 and tagged Art & Photography with comments

I'm a little late posting week 4, but it still counts! Week 4 will forever be known as the week I wandered around by myself taking photos at night. The brass deer, you ask? Well they are from The White Pepper and I love them more than words can say.

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Inviting Bedroom Mood Board

Posted on January 28, 2012 and tagged Stuff I Like with comments

So I'm basically climbing the walls lately waiting to get into our own house and out of this rental. I literally Googled "how to speed up time" the other day. Jeez, saving money takes so long! To pass the time I decided to do up some mood boards for design inspiration. This is my feminine, luxurious, inviting bedroom. The breakdown is below.

  1. I started with this soft, lovely duvet set from West Elm. It's a little more colorful than it looks in that photo when you spread out the duvet and matching shams, and it provides a nice color scheme to work off for the rest of the room.
  2. Since I love to mix neutrals, I chose a light gray for the walls instead of cream which most people would expect. Mixing neutrals gives the room a more "money" look and less typical. White trim and crown molding would make this wall color stand out.
  3. Next I went with these super lush, ruffled, velvet drapes in a bold teal. Nothing says luxury like nice heavy curtains and it's great for blocking out light in a bedroom.
  4. This pretty lamp in a lighter teal brings more color into the room and it reminds me of a gem!
  5. A classic shaped chair in the corner in a bold purple provides some seating. Toss a fluffy throw over the arm to make it even more cozy.
  6. This beautuful dresser from Anthropologie uses some of the pinks and oranges in the linens so we don't get too bored with just purple and teal. Also, so pretty!!
  7. I'm continuing the purple and teal theme in the art and shapes in this one echo the gem shaped lamp.
  8. The other print ties in some of the girly florals and keeps with the color scheme. I would love to see these in matching ornate dark wood frames, maybe with a dark gray matte.
  9. A thick, natural looking rug on the floor keeps bare feet from getting too cold and agains add luxury. This would look great over a dark hardwood floor.
  10. This huge canopy bed fills some space and makes a statement. It also keeps the room from getting too frilly and girly with it's clean lines. Start with crisp white sheets on the bed.
  11. I think mis-matched side tables add a fun detail. Make sure they have at least element in common, like the dark wood in this case, so it looks like you did it on purpose.

  1. Spring Blossoms Duvet and Shams from West Elm
  2. Thundercloud Gray Paint by Benjamin Moore
  3. Parlour Curtain from Anthropologie
  4. Robert Abbey Delta Peacock Lamp from Lamps Plus
  5. Tess Chair from Crate & Barrel
  6. Glass Vase Dresser from Anthropologie
  7. Aquamarine Print by The Pairabirds
  8. Shiver Print by yellena
  9. Persisk Gabbeh Rug from Ikea
  10. Pavillion Canopy Bed from Crate & Barrel
  11. Bone Side Table from West Elm
  12. Aluminum Wood Side Table from West Elm

The View from my Phone: Week 3

Posted on January 23, 2012 and tagged Art & Photography with comments

Well look at me, 3 weeks in and I'm still at it! And I think my photos might be improving too.

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Winter Wedding

Posted on January 18, 2012 and tagged Stuff I Like with comments

Not enough of my friends are getting married in the winter. Come on people, I need an excuse to wear a faux fur wrap! Maybe I should just drape it over my hoodie on trips to the grocery store.

  1. Halston Heritage Pleat Perfection Dress
  2. Claudia Pelted Faux Fur Wrap
  3. Sparkel an Interest Heel
  4. Golden Tassel Bracelet
  5. Holvey Clutch

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