The Accent Nail

Posted on April 20, 2012 and tagged Stuff I Like, DIY with comments

My new manicure obession? The accent nail! It's a great way to incorporate some nail art or a crazy color into your manicure without doing it on every nail.

In order to get my stripey accent nail, I followed a tutorial on The Beauty Department on how to make your own nail stickers. It was fairly easy to do and I love how it turned out.

Here are a couple other great examples of accent nails.



Camping Trip

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Want to know what I've been up to for the past few days? I've been a busy bee making new Pingg designs! If you haven't already seen my gallery on Pingg, please go check it out. I'm most proud of my new Camping Trip designs. I've had this design around for a while, but I gave it a major facelift and now it's one of my faves. It comes in 2 color schemes too!

It would be fun to invite the family to a cottage weekend with this one. A while back, I had someone use this design for their birthday party invites. She was having her party here. It's a trailer park and it's incredible, and this is coming from a city girl. I bet it was a great party.

Camping Trip in Red

Camping Trip in Yellow

Organize Your Noms

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So it's been about 2 months since my husband and I have decided to go vegan. I won't get into the 'why' right now, but I will say that it's been going great. I feel very focused, I have more energy and I feel refuled after meals instead of sluggish. I needed to completely change the way I cook though, and that means discarding basically every recipe in my repitoire.

I have found the Internet (obs) to be a great resource for new recipes. My favourite sites, just to name a few, are:

Here's the tie-in you've been waiting for: I designed some printable recipe cards to keep all my new recipes organized. And you can have them too! Click here to download the free printable PDF. Just print, cut along the crop marks, and start writing. The size of the cards are 5" x 3".

You guys know how I love Sharpies right? Well I grabbed my Sharpie and went a little nuts on this box. Also, I guess I forgot how big recipe cards are and bought a GIANT BOX. I don't know what I was thinking.

But it actually turned out to be a good idea. I used some cardboard to section off the back of the box and now I have a place for a notebook, pen, my Sharpie, and magazine clippings.

I think I had a little too much fun decorating this box, but it was a steal for $1 at the Dollar Store.

I used an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie and drew diagonal lines down the sides. Then, I made a variation of a cross hatch pattern on the lid using short diagonal lines in alternating directions. Lastly, I finised off the lid by drawing triangles around the edges using a Fine Point Sharpie. Don't worry about getting super straight lines, I like the hand-drawn look.

Hope you enjoy the recipe cards! If you like printables, click here for a free thank you card I designed in February. Do you have any ideas for my next free printable?

Huesday: Patio Envy

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I love everything about this patio. The seating, the colors, the rug, the plants, the view. Is there a way I can just transport this whole thing onto my patio? This is our first Toronto apartment with outdoor space and there's not even a single chair out there yet. The problem is, it's huge. I know, that's not a legit problem to have, especially in Toronto and I should probably just shut my face. But I don't even know where to start! Also, holy moly outdoor furniture is expensive. Like stupid expensive. Has anyone else noticed that? Excuse me while I stare at this photo a bit longer.

Image via Rue Magazine

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