Pretty Feet

Posted on May 3, 2012 and tagged DIY, Favourites with comments

Well after pondering for a few weeks, I finally did it. I painted my couch legs! And boy, do I love how it turned out. Now this isn't just bright pink paint. It's straight up fluorescent and after the first coat I was a little worried that it would look like my couch was sitting on traffic cones. But, the legs are small and low to the ground so you just get a little color peeking out. Here's how I did it.

First, here's what my couch looked like before. It's a pretty typical big-box-store couch that we got on sale. I know about a million other people have the same one, which was exactly my motivation for this project. The couch is nice enough, but it was getting a little ratty looking (thanks kitties) and I was bored of it.

Screwing the feet off was pretty easy to do, just took a little muscle. Then I very carefully pried the felt pads off the bottom with a razor blade. I couldn't get all the glue off, but it doesn't really matter because I just stuck new ones on after I was done painting.

Next, I gave the feet a good sanding to remove the shiny finish.

I propped the feet up on pieces of a paper towel roll I cut up and got to work.

The paint I was used was Valspar interior/exterior fluorescent pink spray paint. From what I've been told, you don't want to go cheap with your spray paint. The nozzle will clog and you'll need more coats to cover what you're painting.

The last time I used spray paint was when I was a teenager. No, not what you're thinking! I helped my then-boyfriend/now-husband spray paint the dashboard of his car a glossy red. It actually looked pretty great, but we did it (for some reason) on a really windy day and ended up getting red paint everywhere. On the seats, the windshield, the doors, so it kind of lost it's effect. Anyways, aim for thin even coats. If your paint drips a little, just let it dry for about an hour, lightly sand the drip down and give it another coat.

Let the paint fully cure outside for at least 48 hours and you're done. Despite my worries, it was a very easy project. Regrets? I should have primed the feet. Since the wood was dark it took about 6 coats of paint to fully cover them. Could have cut that down to 2 or 3 had I primed.

Look at Barney posing there, what a cutie!

Huesday: Skyline

Posted on May 1, 2012 and tagged Stuff I Like with comments

The photo for this week's Huesday is courtesy of my talented hubby. He took this picture from the bedroom window of our last apartment. The view was fantastic there. The place we live in now has a great view too, and a balcony where I can set up a tripod. I'm planning on getting out there this week to snap a few pictures. It'll be nice not having to shoot through a window.

Image via Ryan Funduk

The View from my Phone: Week 17

Posted on April 30, 2012 and tagged Art & Photography with comments

Well this week was pretty typical: kitties, cookies and cranes. Yep, there's tons of construction going on around my building. Construction equipment and big piles of dirt are all I can take pictures of lately. Luckily the cats are always up for a photo shoot. We also took a little road trip home to see my parents. It was perfect weather.

Caturday: Furball

Posted on April 28, 2012 and tagged Art & Photography, Personal with comments

Last week you saw a baby picture of Barney, so this week I thought I'd dig up one of Marshall. Wasn't he just the fluffiest little guy?

I'm going to do something slightly different this week. I wanted to tell you about some of favorite Etsy shops that I've been admiring lately.

  • If you follow me on Twitter, and you should, you may have seen me tweet about a dress I just bought from Jessalin Bueutler. They have some of the coolest minimalist patterns and all the clothes look so comfy!

  • I love the combo of collage and embroidery at Selflesh. The prices are fantastic for such unique art and when you buy a piece you're buying the original. Can't beat that.

  • Prunella Soap is no secret on Etsy, but I had to mention them anyways. They have a huge selection of handmade and organic soap in every scent imaginable. Bonus: it's all vegan! I love the little travel soap too, so convenient and great way for them to use up scraps.

  • Lastly, Old New House is an amazing vintage shop. Some of the items are not cheap, but if you're looking for an extra special piece you're sure to find it here. They also have a beautiful collection of antique rugs.

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